Alumnus Joins Wallin EP Board of Trustees

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Announcing an expanded partnership with the Otto Bremer Trust

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“If it weren’t for Wallin Education Partners, I wouldn’t have the confidence I do today.”

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Wallin EP featured on PBS NewsHour

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Opportunity Pathways, college completion for community college students

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“Minnesota needs to solve its college graduation gap” Star Tribune article by Susan Basil King, Wallin EP Executive Director

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What is Wallin Education Partners?

A highly-effective college-completion program with An unwavering commitment to scholar success that includes:

Financial aid designed to leverage all sources of aid to benefit scholars. Close relationships with college partners ensures that financial aid is not displaced and actually offsets the cost of attendance.

Comprehensive support for scholars throughout college:

  • A dedicated advisor with a passion for student success is assigned to each scholar. Advisors are Wallin EP employees, with years of experience and dedication to the program. 
  • A robust, structured curriculum that includes four to eight in-person meetings each year.
  • Career-to-college support and peer mentoring.
  • Internship and networking opportunities.
  • Financial acumen development.

Meaningful donor engagement: Donor partners meet the scholars and their families, and receive regular detailed reports on scholar progress.

A clear focus on results.

Extraordinary graduation rates: The most recent cohort of scholars achieved a 90% college graduation rate.

Employment success: 95% of the most recent cohort of graduates are employed or enter graduate school within six months of graduation.

A manageable level of student loan debt: 39% of scholars report no debt at graduation; for those with debt, the average amount is roughly half of Minnesota’s average.

High return on investment: Named scholarships provide recognition for donors and can motivate scholars to succeed. Many donor partners establish strong relationships with their scholars making the donor experience particularly meaningful.

Make College Graduation a Reality