Help make college graduation a reality

By investing in college for young people who need our support, donors make a lasting, positive impact on their lives, ensure that communities thrive and our economy grows.


“Getting the Wallin Education Partners scholarship meant that I could afford to go to college. It meant that someone believed in me enough to make this investment, which helped push me forward during challenging times. Knowing that I could rely on this support throughout college provided much needed financial stability. I graduated in four years, with minimal amount of debt. I owe so much to this program!”

Scholar, 2002



Wallin Education Partners is a public charity and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible. 


“We were interested in setting up a scholarship program to help under-represented students. With Wallin Education Partners, we are able to have a much greater impact than if we tried to do this on our own. Wallin Education Partners administers the Holman Scholarship, and as a result, we have leveraged the power of a collective history of investment in student success. 

Tom and Kim Holman, Donor Partners since 2003