• 93% 6-year grad rate
  • 4,400+ students
  • 25 Years
  • 46M invested in scholars
As the cost of higher education increases, college has become out of reach for many students who have the most to gain from a college degree.
Even as the population is becoming increasingly diverse, significant racial, gender, and socioeconomic gaps in college attainment persist.

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Student Profiles

   Scholar Profile 2017

  •     216 Scholars from 39 High Schools
  •     81% students of color
  •     77% first generation students
  •     60+ college partners
  •     78% of alumni live in Minnesota


“I have more today than I ever thought I would have, and the Wallin Education Partners program has truly been a source of my success. Wallin continues to be a source of support for the community providing resources for people that dream for what is my reality. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from this experience is to always pay it forward.”

Jason Gerard Johnson

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