Serving DeLaSalle High School in 2018

Wallin Education Partners, DeLaSalle Launch College Completion Program

Wallin Education Partners and DeLaSalle High School are pleased to announce that they have launched a college completion program for DeLaSalle students beginning in 2018.

This new partnership is possible because of generous support from the Richard Schulze Family Foundation, Looe and Mary Ann Baker, and the NorthStar Education Finance Foundation.  Working closely with high school leadership including President Barry Lieske, Wallin Education Partners is accepting applications through February 15, 2018.  Students will be selected in March and enter college in fall 2018.

To be eligible, students must attend a four-year college in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin or one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the country. The program includes financial aid paid to the college chosen by the students as well as comprehensive advising and support services throughout college.  This approach has proven to be highly effective with over 90% of students completing their undergraduate degree in six years.

“We are excited to be working with a new high school and community partners to collaborate in efforts to improve college access and  ensure college graduation  for DeLaSalle students”, stated Susan Basil King, Executive Director of Wallin Education Partners.

For 25 years, Wallin Education Partners has increased college access and graduation for lower income students, many of whom are first generation and students of color.  An alternative to traditional scholarships, Wallin Education Partners effectively administers named scholarships through a student-centered program of financial aid and comprehensive advising throughout college. The result is an exceptionally high graduation rate, less debt for graduates, diverse talent for the community and maximum impact for donors.

“At DeLaSalle, we wrap our arms around each student and embrace their God-given gifts,” said DeLaSalle President Barry Lieske. “It only made sense to work with Wallin Education Partners so that Islanders continue to receive the same individualized attention and mentorship in college that they received in high school.”

Founded in 1900, DeLaSalle is the longest-standing Catholic high school in the City of Minneapolis. The school has been accredited by North Central/AdvancED as college preparatory since 1929. Consistently, between 97-100 percent of DeLaSalle graduates matriculate to college – within the past decade to colleges and universities in 36 states and seven countries.