• Mohamed Abdihalim

    “My name is Mohamed Abdihalim. I am a radiologist with St Paul Radiology. I am so grateful that there are people like the Wallins in this world.  Mr. Winston Wallin had a vision and a goal. He knew the power of education in uplifting people from their situations and building better communities. He and Maxine … Continued

  • Tenzin Kunsal

    Walllin Education Partners not only offered me financial support, it also provided a support system I did not anticipate needing in college. Going from an urban public high school to a private liberal arts college in small-town Minnesota was one of the hardest transitions I experienced. It affected my emotional well being and my academic performance. … Continued

  • Patrice Howard

    I grew up in North Minneapolis.  My father made the decision to move our family here, from Chicago, when I was 2 ½ years old.  The move was an improvement, though we were still living in a poverty stricken home and neighborhood.  My family offered love and compassion, they tried hard, but still there were … Continued