• Brian Xiong

    At Wallin Education Partners, our efforts are singularly focused on scholar success. This is why it is such a thrill when we hear from former scholars. Last week, Brian Xiong, a 2001 scholar contacted us. Brian reached out to let us know that he received his PhD in Education this month. He was the first Hmong doctoral student … Continued

  • Nancy Rutoh

    Nancy Rutoh is beginning her sophomore year at St. Olaf College, and plans to become an engineer. Learn more about how Nancy’s network with Wallin Education Partners and Boston Scientific have helped her towards that goal. … Continued Nancy Rutoh

  • Alexis Yeboah

    Wallin Education Partners made the culture shock of transitioning to college as easy as possible for me. They really embody the word “partners”. They aren’t only an organization that gives students scholarships but they partner with their scholars to make this experience the best it can be. College is hard, especially for a first-generation college … Continued

  • Meghan Johnson

    “When the news arrived that I had been selected to receive a Wallin Scholarship, I was thrilled.  The recognition that came along with receiving the scholarship was a huge motivator for me.  It really justified all the hard work I’d put into balancing both my academic work and life outside of school.  While I was excited, I … Continued

  • Kohlman Thompson

    A recent alumnus of the University of Minnesota, Kohlman Thompson describes his struggles as a first-generation college student through spoken word. Click  here  to see a video he and two volunteers created to tell his story.

  • Vang Xiong

    “Upon my acceptance into the Wallin Education Partners program, I felt grateful and full of joy.  As the first in my family to attend a four-year private college, I was grateful I didn’t have to take out loans and most of all, I didn’t have to ask my parents for help to pay for any … Continued