Key program components

  • Financial aid. We maximize the funds available to scholars from all sources and leverage our financial aid through close relationships with colleges and universities to ensure that our support is not displaced by theirs.
  • Individual 1:1 advising. Each scholar is assigned a professional advisor to help them navigate college and overcome academic, economic, social, and psychological barriers that can derail their success.
  • Comprehensive scholar services. Scholars participate in a variety of programs to ensure their academic success and prepare them for life after college through career fairs, internships, mentoring, and financial literacy tools to support their career planning and personal development.
  • Robust scholar selection process. Our comprehensive, online application process considers donor interests as well as student potential. Eligible scholars have significant financial need, demonstrate academic success, leadership and interest in community service.


  • Extraordinary graduation rates. Wallin Education Partners scholars exceed the graduation rates of their peers, both regionally and nationally. The most recent cohort of scholars achieved a 92% college graduation rate.
  • Manageable level of student loan debt. 39% of scholars report no debt at graduation; for those with debt, the average amount is roughly half.
  • Fueling the talent pipeline. 78% of our graduates live and work in Minnesota. Many of  our corporate partners provide mentors and internships for our scholars which can serve to enhance the diversity and quality of their workforce.
  • Return on investment. A college graduate will earn about $1 Million more than a high school graduate, will pay more in taxes, have better health, and rely less on social safety nets. College graduates are more likely to volunteer and vote.
  • High impact for donor partners. Named scholarships provide recognition for donor partners and can motivate scholars to succeed. Donor partners receive detailed progress reports on their scholars twice each year; many donor partners establish strong relationships with their scholars making the donor experience particularly meaningful. Donor partners can participate in volunteer opportunities with our program. Our donor partners appreciate that 92% of their gift goes to support the scholars.

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