Listen to why one family supports scholars through Wallin Education Partners.


Support a scholar through our Named Scholarship Program

  • Provide support for one scholar throughout college to ensure graduation
  • Opportunity to personally name the scholarship
  • Donor partner preferences are considered during the selection and matching process
  • Wallin Education Partners manages all aspects of the administration of donor partners’ scholarships
  • Scholar recruitment and selection
  • Documenting and reporting on student progress
  • Maintain relationships with all colleges and universities to ensure effective collaboration
  • Effective disbursement of financial aid to maximize funding from all sources
  • Donor partners receive regular reports and updates on the progress of their scholars
  • Donor partners have access to scholars and alumni as part of corporate talent development and diversity efforts
  • Recognition at events, through online and print media and website
  • $23,000 supports one named scholarship (4 years of financial aid and comprehensive scholar support)







Make a difference through program support and benefit all scholars

$20,000 can help support:

  • Development of a robust internship matching program for 500 scholars
  • Corporate sponsorship of our 25th Anniversary event

$15,000 can help support:

  • “Scholar to Scholar” peer mentoring program for 500 current scholars
  • A comprehensive program specific to immigrant students and their families

$10,000 can help support:

  • Orientation and summer bridge programming for 100 new scholars
  • Support for online tools to prepare scholars for job search and graduate school selection

$5,000 can help support:

  • Student recruitment efforts in collaboration with community partners
  • Development of cultural competency curriculum for all scholars

$1,000 can help support:

  • Career event for STEM scholars during freshman year to focus on choosing a major