Help make college graduation a reality

By investing in college for young people who need our support, donors make a lasting positive impact on their lives, ensure that communities thrive and our economy grows.


“Getting the scholarship from Wallin Education Partners meant that I could afford to go to college. It also meant that someone believed in me enough to make this investment, which helped push me forward during the challenging times. Knowing that I could rely on this support throughout college provided much needed financial stability. I graduated in four years, with minimal amount of debt. I owe so much to this program!”



To make a donation, please click here and our secure donation website will open in a new window. Wallin Education Partners is a public charity and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Wallin Education Partners will provide no goods or services in exchange for your cash contribution. You will receive a written acknowledgment of your donation; please retain it for your records.

“We were interested in setting up a scholarship program to help under-served students, but we wondered how to do this effectively.  After we met Win Wallin in 2003, we realized that by partnering with him, we would be able to have a much higher impact on students’ lives than if we tried to do this on our own.  By running the Holman scholarship program through Wallin Education Partners, we have been able to leverage the power of a collective $44 million history of investment in student success.  As a partner, we are seeing far better results at much less cost than if we were to try to do this on our own.”

Tom Holman, Donor Partner since 2003