is to enable college and career success for high-potential Minnesota students with financial need through scholarships, comprehensive advising support, and data-informed collaboration with our educational, business, and philanthropic partners.


is to create a diverse, ever expanding community of scholars and educated citizens with the skills, leadership, and dedication needed to build a stronger tomorrow.  Our work is informed by the recognition of demographic changes in our society, the need for equity, and considerations of our future workforce.


Our History

Both Win and Maxine Wallin received college scholarships. Win spent 39 years as an executive at Pillsbury and 10 years as CEO of Medtronic. He often credited the assistance he received through the GI Bill as critical to his success. In 1992 Maxine and Win identified the cost of college as a barrier to access and in response they developed a scholarship for promising, lower income students. Starting at South High School, the program has expanded to 39 high schools in the Twin Cities area.

Early on, Win and Maxine realized that financial aid alone was not achieving the results they envisioned so the organization developed a comprehensive array of persistence services to increase the impact of their philanthropy.  As a result graduation rates increased and have risen to over 90% in recent years, making Wallin Education Partners one of the most effective scholarships in the country.

From the efforts of one family, Wallin Education Partners has grown to include individual, family, foundation, and corporate donors who appreciate the high return of their investment in scholars. The Wallin family continues to support scholars and is joined by 61 donor partners who share the mission to make college graduation a reality for many students in our community.