2018 Summer Internship Spotlight

It is that time of year when stories of great summer internships come flooding into the Wallin EP office. Here is a little about Carissa’s experience interning at Medtronic:

2018 Medtronic Intern

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Finance and Accounting Major

Carissa Gillispie, current scholar, spent the summer working for Medtronic as the Finance Intern in the Renal Care Solutions Business Unit. Carissa’s hard work and admiration for the company landed her an offer to return next summer. She contributed to several projects, developed useful skills and left behind new implementations. In addition, Carissa took full advantage of networking opportunities within the company. She made it her goal to interview at least one person every week this summer and she was proud to say she left with 20 interviews and many new connections!

“I loved working for Medtronic because the employees embody the mission of the company and are encouraged to rotate positions to utilize their skills sets and grow professionally. I would definitely recommend interning at Medtronic to other Wallin EP scholars.”

Excited to enter her junior year this fall and apply what she learned from her internship, Carissa wanted to thank Wallin EP and her donor, the Wallin Family, for the opportunity to be a scholar.

“Every semester when I write to my donor, it reinforces and reminds me that Wallin EP is why I am here studying, and it motivates me to make the most of the college experience and pushes me to apply to internships like Medtronic. I am so thankful for Wallin EP. This summer at Medtronic, I was able to walk past the ‘Win Wallin wall’ at the office and appreciate the history and opportunities Wallin EP provides to scholars like me.”