After making it through finals and wrapping up your freshman year of college, you’d probably want to spend your summer catching up on some well-earned R and R. That wasn’t the case for 2016 Wallin Scholar Nancy Rutoh. Nancy had interned with Boston Scientific after graduating from Park Center High School last summer, and was ready to add another internship experience to her resume.

By February, she was already working with her Wallin Education Partners Advisor to see what opportunities were out there. Nancy recalled: “It’s unexpected for a freshman to get an internship, so not much help is directed my way. But I did get quite a bit of help from my advisor Annie to get in touch with [Boston Scientific].”

Using her networks from Wallin Education Partners and her previous internship position, Nancy landed an internship this summer working with the Community Engagement and Talent Development teams at our corporate partner Boston Scientific. In a typical day, Nancy handles projects from event management, to cost evaluations, to helping develop the new Manager Development Program.

Now entering her second year at St. Olaf College, Nancy is studying Math Education. She said that this experience has helped her gain insight into future career possibilities. “I plan to go into engineering in the future because of this internship. I [have been] able to learn a lot about the company and all the different roles… and found engineering roles that I would like to work one day.”

The chance to interact with professionals throughout a major company has been a major benefit as well. “You get to see a lot of the company It has made me feel more prepared. I believe that when I finally get into the workforce, I’ll have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing and if I don’t know, I’ll know where to go for help.”

With two corporate internship experiences under her belt before her sophomore year, we’d say Nancy is well on her way to having a “pretty good idea” by graduation.

UPDATE: We are happy to share that Nancy has been offered an extension to her internship with Boston Scientific, and will be continuing to work with them through the fall semester! “I was really excited to find out my work was extended… I enjoyed working for Boston Scientific and I didn’t feel that my work was done yet, so I’m glad I get to do more,” she said. Congratulations, Nancy!