Interning at Wallin Education Partners

Eleanor Konz

Washburn High School, 2016
University of Minnesota, Political Science 2020
Wallin Education Partners Intern, Jan. 2018

Eleanor Konz, a Wallin EP scholar and a sophomore at University of Minnesota, interned this January at the Wallin EP central office.

Eleanor supported Wallin EP’s research designed to more fully understand the scholar experience, overall effectiveness of the program and best practice review, as well as general support of the operations team.

“My political science background was a great fit for this internship, I am interested in equality, policy making, and access to education, so working for an organization that has a mission that I identify with was very rewarding.”

Eleanor is back studying at the University for her spring semester. The Wallin EP staff enjoyed having Eleanor in the office and are grateful for her contributions.

“My January internship was a fantastic opportunity to see how much work and care goes into my scholarship. I gained new skills, met co-workers who care about my future and had fun learning more about Wallin EP and the people who make it all happen.”