Investing in Promising Futures

Over the years, individuals, foundations, and corporations have joined Wallin Education Partners. While donors give for many reasons, the most commonly cited is the critical role that education plays in transforming individual lives and, in turn, our society. Each donor makes a substantial financial investment to provide four-year scholarships.

Wallin Education Partners is actively seeking additional named scholar donors to expand its program and extend its impact. As the cost of higher education increases, financial aid for students fails to keep pace, and many families struggle economically, the need for financial assistance for promising students is urgently required. Learn more about becoming a named scholarship donor.

Current Donors (Fiscal Year 2012 – Present)

Corporate Scholarship Donors

3M Scholars, 3M Foundation

Ameriprise Financial Scholars, Ameriprise Financial

Boston Scientific Scholars, Boston Scientific

Braun Intertec Scholar, Braun Intertec

General Mills Scholars, General Mills

Hays Scholars, Hays Companies

Horton Incorporated Scholars, Horton Incorporated

Jostens Scholars, Jostens, Inc.

Medtronic Wallin Scholars, Medtronic Philanthropy

NorthStar Education Finance Scholars, NorthStar Education Finance

Piper Jaffray Scholars, Piper Jaffray Companies

Sit Investment Associates Scholars, Sit Investment Associates

Think IT Young Professional Scholars, Think IT

Travelers Scholars, Travelers Foundation

U.S. Bank Scholars, U.S. Bank

Foundation and Community Organization Scholarship Donors

Albright Scholars, Albright Foundation

Enterprise Scholars, Enterprise Education Foundation

Junior League of Minneapolis Scholars, Junior League of Minneapolis

Kaemmer Scholars, Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation

Mortenson Family Foundation Scholars, Mortenson Family Foundation

Schulze Scholars, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Wallin Scholars, Wallin Foundation

Individual and Family Scholarship Donors

Bolan Sayre Scholars, Kenneth and Gwendolyn Freed

Richard S. and Kim Brown Scholars, Richard S. and Kim Brown

Caliber Scholars, Nan Owen and John Lavander

Cornwall Scholars, Mary Ann and Looe Baker III

Cornwell Scholars, Ron and Joan Cornwell

Carol E. Denny Scholars, Charles M. Denny, Jr.

Dixon Scholars, Stephen and Judy Lewis

Eric Scholars, Marilyn Erickson

Ettinger Wallin Scholars, Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger

G. Robert Strauss, Jr. Scholars, William F. Truscott

Henry Scholars, John and Kelly Henry

Hess Scholars, Mike and Annemarie Hess

Holman Scholars, Tom and Kim Holman

Holman Alumni Scholars, Tom and Kim Holman and A Group of Holman Scholarship Alumni

Jackson Scholars, Darren and Terry Jackson

Esther Johnson Scholars, Ardes Johnson

Kathy Johnson Scholars, Paul Martinson

Kathryn Johnson Martinson Scholars, Cindy Hochhalter

Kirwin Scholars, Paul and Jill Kirwin

Lewis-Frost Scholars, Stephen and Judith Lewis

Marjorie Kralewski Scholars , John Kralewski and Family

Christensen Scholars, Mark Christensen and Family

Maybloom Suzukamo Scholars, Les and Karen Suzukamo

Minnesota Opportunity Scholars, Robert and Sara Lumpkins

Mulrooney Scholars, Ron and Pat Eldred

Sue Otto Martin Scholars, Sue Otto Martin

Lou and Cathy Paglia Scholars, Lou and Cathy Paglia

Pierce Scholars, Peter and Gene Pierce

Ravich Scholars, Paul and Jeanne Ravich

Ronald Scholars, Carol Pfleiderer

Rosenberg Scholars, Brian and Carol Rosenberg

Soran Scholars, Phil and Margie Soran

True North Scholars, Ginny Grossman

Weissman Amundson Scholars, Sally Weissman and Tom Amundson

Wheelock Whitney and Kathleen Blatz Scholars, Wheelock Whitney and Kathleen Blatz

Wildhearts Scholars, Jeanne Ravich, Lisa Bergerson, Kristin Procopio, and Andrea Ravich

Peter Wilhoit Scholars, Peter Wilhoit

Wilhoit Family Scholars, Richard and Lucy Wilhoit

Donors of Annual Fund Gifts and Capacity-Building Grants


Target Corporation

Foundations and Community Organizations

Athwin Foundation

F. R. Bigelow Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation

The Saint Paul Foundation



Brenda and Norman Canedy

Tom and Barbara Davis

Kenneth and Gwendolyn Freed

In the Memory of Sandra Lorraine Blaha

Minneapolis West High School Class of 1947

Bruce Olson

Michael Olson

John J Taylor

John and Amy Tillotson