A Perspective from a High School Counselor


Every year when I roll out the Wallin Education Partners Scholarship to students, I tell them “in my opinion this is the best and most attainable scholarship that is available to students.” Without fail someone says, “Why is that? It’s not as much money as X, Y or Z scholarship.”  My answer to them is that it’s not always just about the money. It’s also about the advisors that help you get through school by assisting with things like financial aid, scheduling, how to pick classes, where to live, etc. It’s also about the connections that you will make with those advisors and the corporations or donors that come with the Wallin Education Partners program.

My first experience with Wallin EP came over ten years ago. At that time, we had five students who received a scholarship at our school. Times have completely changed since those years. Over that time the number of individual and corporate donors has grown greatly, and with that, so has the number of scholars we see each year from our school. The average number of scholars each year has jumped by more than three times what it was when I started. For us and our students that means that three times more students are getting the financial and academic support that their peers won’t be getting. That support comes in the form of the contact and connections that our students make with their advisors and donors.These connections and contacts with advisors and donors have proven to be a model that walks alongside scholars from the end of their high school year through college, and even into the beginning of their careers, through the good times and the bad. This support has shown to be effective and has helped so many of our students reach their goal of a college education and good career.

Jamie Shady, College and Career Counselor, Harding High School